Facts of the day – 20130703

  • Youtube buys 7% stake in Vevo for $40 mio (Source: MusicAlly)

  • Pandora publishing royalties

    • estimated payment to Sony/ATV & EMI Music Publishing: pro rata share of 5% of revenues

    • estimated payment to Universal Music Publishing (new deal from July 2nd): 5-10% of revenues

    • revenue rate that Pandora pays ASCAP, BMI and SESAC alltogether: 4,3%

    • royalty rate that pandora wants to pay after the aquisition of a terrestrial radio station: <1,7% of gross revenue

    • Publishing royalties paid per play by Pandora: $0,000073

    • Publishing royalties paid per play by US traditional radio: $0,000094

    • Performance royalties paid per play by Pandora: $0,001098

    • Performance royalties paid per play by US traditional radio: $0,00

      • Numbers based on a case study for one song by Hypebot

    • Pandora listeners in may 2013: 70,8 mio

    • traditional radio listeners (in the US) in an average week in June 2013: 242,5 mio

      • Source (and a great read): Hypebot

  • Foursquare rewards

    • # of concerts you need to check in on Foursquare in order to have the chance to win a 3-month premium account at Deezer: 7+

    • market coverage: concerts at 15000 music venues in 15 countries

    • Foursquare active users at the end of 2012: 8 mio

    • Source: Deezer

  • Music On-Demand Streaming forecast

    • revenues in 2017 in Germany: €125 mio

    • percent of total digital revenues in 2017: 18%

    • 65% of respondants (1200 Online Users in Germany, aged 18 to 65) know about music streaming services, more than 10% are using them

    • almost 30% can imagine paying for music streaming

    • Source: MusikWoche

New Commission rate that direct-to-fan service nimbit charges for sales over its platform: 10% (down from 16,5%) and 5% for premium account users.


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