Facts of the day – 20130628

  • Facebook Advertising

    • click-trought rate of News Feed retargeting is 49 times higher than FB Ads on the right-hand sidebar (RHS) and 21 times higher than standard web retargeting

    • cost-per-click for news feed retargeting is 0,5 times the cost of RHS and 0,2 times the cost of web targeting

    • Source: AdRoll

  • Pandora Radio Royalties

    • Amount that songwriter David Lowery sais he received from Pandora for 1,159 million plays: $16,89

    • Blogger Michael DeGuste confirms that but adds some numbers:

      • Pandora paid $1372 in total for 1,159 million plays

      • $42,23 to the songwriters (Lowery only holds 40% of thos rights)

      • $97 in total for songwriting/publishing (songwriters/publisher/right administrator)

      • $1274,90 for performance rights (label, band/performer, session musicians)

  • MySpace – adoption in the first two weeks after launch on June 12th

    • 31 mio visitors (16 mio in first week)

    • 995000 app downloads (iOS app store rank: #147 on June 27th)

    • cost of advertising campaign: $20 mio

    • Source: Billboard

  • Spotify staff

    • # of engineers that Spotify wants to hire in their New York office until end of 2014: 130 (total # of engineers then: 200)

    • Source: The Next Web

  • App Business

    • # of downloads you need to be in Top 50 free iPhone app US-Charts: 23000 per day

    • # of downloads you need to be in Top 50 paid iPhone app US-Charts: 950 per day

    • revenue you need to generate per day to enter Top 50 Crossing Charts in the US: $12000

    • Source: Distimo

    • Music Apps (iOS) in the Top 50 free charts in the US:

      • 30th place: Rdio

      • 35th: Spotify

      • 42nd: Pandora

Song of the day (Nr. 33 of spotify viral charts Germany)


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